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Established in 2009, Fralita Films stands at the forefront of cinematic innovation, crafting compelling feature films and documentaries that resonate on both national and international stages. Our ethos is rooted in the power of human narratives—stories that captivate, inspire, and forge an emotional connection with audiences worldwide. At Fralita Films, we pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative environment where seasoned filmmakers and emerging visionaries converge to bring diverse perspectives to life. Our dedication to artistic integrity and storytelling excellence positions us as a distinguished name in the film industry, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Cooperating with partners from various countries (France, Norway, Poland, Holland, Estonia, Italy and Germany), our films have successfully toured international festivals and won prestigious awards, including Directing award at Sundance with “The Summer of Sangailė” (by Alantė Kavaitė, 2015 Lithuanian Oscar submission). The film for children and families "Butterfly's heart" (by Inesa Kurklietytė) visited +50 international festivals and won 12 best film awards. The film “Remember to Blink" (by Austėja Urbaitė) won the best film and the FIPRESCI international critics' association awards at the GoEast festival in Germany. Meanwhile, we also met 2017 national box office hit with “Emilia, Breaking Free” by Donatas Ulvydas.

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