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The man who knew 75 languages

Learning a language is like falling in love.  But when this great linguist's love for a princess was denied, he just fell in love with her 75 times more.

The film is all about the remarkable life of a poor priest's son; Georg Julius Justus Sauerwein (born 1831 Hanover, died in 1904 Christiania/Oslo) and his life-long love for Princess Elisabeth of Wied, later Queen of Romania.

This is a psychological drama about a brilliant but complex man.  His humanitarian values were far ahead of his time.  In his day, he was the most vilified person in the German press.

The narration, in the first person, will be drawn directly from our main character’s many letters and other written sources. The form of our film merges the classic fairytale with documentary realism, both in script and visual design, pushing the boundaries of ‘documentary’. Visually, we will combine film, photographs and archive film with animated characters and maps. These animations will also be connected with locations and travel accounts of our main character.


Anne Magnussen
Pawel Debski
Script writers:
Anne Magnussen
Leiv Igor Devold
Anne Magnussen
Trude Refsahl
Mateusz Michalak
Živilė Gallego
Gvidas Kovėra
Costume designer:
Neringa Keršulytė
Hair stylist:
Giedrė Jarockaitė
Production Company:
 Fralita Films (Lithuania)
Co-production Companies:
Embla Film AS (Norway), Fumi Studio (Poland)

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