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Family  tells the story of a French couple, Jacqueline and Leon, who adopt two Lithuanian children, Karolina and Rytis. In order to help the children to adapt to their new environment and communicate with their adoptive parents, who speak a different language, a medical student named Gabrielė comes from Lithuania to spend the summer with them. The relationship with the children gives Gabrielė an opportunity to rediscover the bright side of herself, while her resistance to the parents’ methods of upbringing reveals the dark side. Instead of helping the children create a life, Gabrielė and Jacqueline, full of maternal feelings, start an outright war for the children’s affection.

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Fiction film

Film in post-production

Austėja Urbaitė
Austėja Urbaitė
Živilė Gallego
Dovilė Kundrotaitė
Annne Azoulay
Arthur Igual
Inesa Sionova

Ajus Antanavičius

Julius Sičiūnas
Art director:
Justė Vazgytė
Line producer:
Viktorija Seniut
Costume designer:
Monika Vėbraitė
Gabrielė Urbonaitė