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My Lady of the Camellia

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Patrice, Métis comedian, 40 years old, powdered and dressed as a courtesan of the 19th century, comes to win the audition organized by the all-powerful casting director Selena Meyer.

Awards & Nominations:
                Prix de court Antilles-Guyane (2019): Prix spécial du jury
                Festival International du Film de Comédie de Liège (2019): Prix Coup de Coeur
                Sidabrine Gerve 2020: Best co-production


Short fiction film

Edouard Montoute
Edouard Montoute
Živilė Gallego
Muriel Thierrin (Aldabra films)

Edouard Montoute

Laurence Oltuski
Ingrid Donnadieu
Stana Roumillac
Aude Forget
Colin Wandersman
Original Music:
Titas Petrikis